Fresh Outta Fucks

by Kunt Knuckles

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Debut EP by Miami metal punk trio.


released August 26, 2013

Alvar E. Antillon - Guitar/Vocals
Natalie J. Spargo - Drums/Vocals
Jorge Marrero - Bass

Produced by Rat Bastard
Art by Natalie J. Spargo



all rights reserved


Kunt Knuckles Miami, Florida

The band started out as just a duo playing punk and metal covers for fun. One day, Alvar and Natalie were drinking Mickey's by a propane tank and together came up with the band's name, Künt Knuckles.
Subsequently after several months of practicing and songwriting, Jorge from Reapermanser was recruited to complete the line up. With this line up, the trio has been playing gigs since October, 2013.
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Track Name: Grave Posession
How will she go on with happiness now dead?
Not even new love can replace his head
She'll be distracted from suicide
But won't forget how her son died

Bring him toys to put on the grave
And to frighten the birds, a scarecrow you made

Those perching blackbirds still smell the gore
Won't bother him anymore
Frighten the damned, frighten the damned
Fueled by anger, kill this man

She returned, with her man to the boy's grave
Remembering the time youth wasn't saved

And without any wind, the scarecrow lunged
Fiercely at the man and took a plunge
With head cracked open, dying man trembles
At the head of the scarecrow, dead boy's face resembles

Dead mother, son and jealous lover
All fallen within each other
Possession of the grave is a wonderful thing
Death is the only justice life brings

Grave Possession
Track Name: Angry Beavers
Power is your desire, you’re all just the same

As all those “filthy” men our rights they maim

You butt hurt fucking fems our image you shame

Forgetting why we fight, equality is our gain

Exploiting your hate makes you so glad

Creating false targets, feminists look bad

Enforcing pointless rules for us to follow

Discriminate for nothing, your head is so hollow

Angry beavers, angry beavers, angry beavers, fuck off!

Oppression is still alive, we’re unequally paid

You’re just blaming men when you can’t get laid

Our sisters pissed too, at our shitty law

But you’re just a cunt, loosen that bra

Hypocrisy won’t help achieve our goal

Harmony means we’re all a whole

You really want equality? I’ll do the same

Don’t bust a tit when we call you this name

Angry beavers, angry beavers, angry beavers, fuck off!

Fuck superiority we’re all the same!
Track Name: Insatiable Lust
Loving you hard is not enough
Turns me on when you want it rough
Oh dig your nails into my skin
Make me indulge in earthly sin

I can't resist this animal urge
Through my body like a violent surge
My thirst for you can not be quenched
Under my spell you are tightly clenched

I'm never satisfied, never gratified
Cause you're my insatiable lust

Twist and squirm under my touch
Lost control I longed you too much
My dark desire you are all I need
Moan in pleasure as I make you bleed

I'm never satisfied, never gratified
Cause you're my insatiable lust

I crave you madly again and again
Relentless hunger I can not restrain
Burning ardor for your sweet embrace
Your love so divine grant me your grace

I'm never satisfied, never gratified
Cause you're my insatiable lust
Track Name: Spineless Scum
You think you can bring me down with your fucking lies?
Try to bring others down when it is yourself you despise
Living your sad existence I almost feel sorry for you
Almost, is the key word, you are nothing but a shrew

You spineless scum!

What's that you say?
I really couldn’t care less
Your immature display
Shows lack of finesse

You spineless scum!

Spineless Scum!

I laugh at your pathetic attempt to disturb my peace
Drown in your pool of misery, you cancerous disease
Until you grow up, your feeble mind will keep you there
Just burn in your wretched spite because I do not care

Please please do proceed
Show me you have class
You actually do succeed
At just looking like an ass

You spineless scum!

Die you fucking scum!
Track Name: Burning Tara
Burning Tara

Down in her bloody lair
Crisp black skin, burning hair
Torrid flesh eyes opened wide
No she knows it's time to die

It’s time to die

Malevolence her twisted gain
She’ll please herself through your pain

Burning Tara

Melting skin an awful smell
Searing torment you’re in hell

A haunting from his violent crime
She’ll drive you straight to suicide
Agony will scorch the walls
Ignited by her deadly calls

Deadly calls

Down in her bloody lair
Dissolution fills the air

Burning Tara

Flames of passion your demise
Ignited by the banshee’s cries